Freelance Consultant Application
We screen all applicants of our marketplace based on various quality metrics to ensure employers get the most value and freelancers work on the best projects. Expect your application to be reviewed within 2-3 business days
What is your full name? *

In what areas are you proficient/expert level?

What other skills are you an expert at? *

To add multiple skills, press Shift+Enter to go to the next line.
Provide links to your portfolio, freelancer profile on UpWork/Freelancer ect, and most importantly the websites you managed SEO for, with the time period you managed. Additionally provide a link to a resume if available.

If you have an NDA from previous clients, we can guarantee to never show any client names or data without your permission. *

We will separately go through and validate that you were the SEO manager for these sites.
Self Assessment

We will be independently reviewing your work quality based on actual work performed, however please provide a self assessment of your skills
Quality of Work *

Everyone wants to believe they are the best, but if you were to answer honestly, how do you feel you stack up to your peers?
Work Experience *

How many years of full time experience do you have in social media marketing? For example if you have freelanced 10 hours a week for 4 years, that would be 1 year of full time experience.
What is your current hourly rate for SEO services?

Answer in USD $5-$150
What do you think you should be earning, based on the quality of your work and results?

Answer in USD $15-$100
If your expect hourly rate is higher than your current rate, why do you think you should earn more? *

1-5 sentences
In 3-5 sentences, what do you think is the most important element of a Search Engine Optimization? *

We want to get an idea of your marketing style, as well as English ability.
What sets you apart from the other candidates? *

Please keep it to 1-5 sentences.
Outside of SEO specific skills, what other skills do you have? *

For example social media marketing, content creation, graphic design.
As part of your previous work history, what large, well known companies have you worked on or for?

If you haven't worked for any, leave blank. If you have, list the company, and roughly the hours worked. Specify if it was related to social media.
Do you have any final comments you would like to add?

xStaffer Feedback

We want to know what you as a freelancer want to see in the platform. Our focus at xStaffer is the talent, so tell us what makes you happy.
Setting a minimum hourly rate of $19 keeps out the employers that don't hire on a recurring basis, aren't serious about their company, and are generally difficult to work with. *

If you've worked for a low rate before, you can probably relate.
If I am accepted to the xStaffer platform, it will give me credibility if I decide to work on other platforms. *

We haven't determined the % of freelancers accepted, but it will be less than 20%
I earn a low wage but feel the quality of my work is worth much more. *

By being a part of xStaffer, it shows that you have been screened by experts who think your work is great! We provide an opportunity earn what you're worth.
I earn a low wage but feel the quality of my work is worth much more. *

By being a part of xStaffer, it shows that you have been screened by experts who think your work is great! We provide an opportunity earn what you're worth.
Screening SEO freelancers based on their results of past projects is the most effective way to determine talent. *

We think it's important - what do you think?
Access to free software such as SEMrush is very attractive. *

We're exploring options to make your job easier and provide reporting tools for the employer.
xStaffer will provide brief monthly feedback on the quality of your work and provide a 5 star ratings. Higher ratings means higher wages. *

We want the employers to get the best quality and for you to become even better!
If xStaffer provided microloans (less than $100) if freelancers wanted to complete courses to be paid back with freelancing earnings, I would be interested. *

Courses and certifications are not required on xStaffer but we're considering partnering with sites like Lynda.com and Coursera.com for those interested in developing their skill set.
Please leave any comments you wish related to the previous feedback questions.

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